The Veggletto Company

The Egg Alternative

A break-through system for HEALTHY egg-alternative foods that are good for you AND “tastes and works just like the real thing”!

About The Veggletto Company

The Veggletto Company was established in 2017, as the commercialisation business to take the discovery of a new egg replacement technology to the world.

The two Australian food scientist team of Dr David Lewis (Innovation Director) and Dr Deborah Lewis (CEO) pledged to research and develop technologies for egg replacement that offer consumers with egg-free, egg-like foods that first and foremost tasted like eggs, cooked like eggs and were healthy, nutritious and affordable.

The result is the Veggletto Technology which allows for vegetarian foods that really do simulate eggs. Using the technical expertise of Byron Food Science Pty Limited, The Veggletto Company seeks to licence the manufacturing and marketing of Veggletto Technology and Products around the world.

Why Veggletto®?

The egg industry is facing many supply problems with:

  • product safety
  • supply instability
  • animal welfare issues
  • high production and supply costs
  • major waste streams
  • more than 30% of the world’s population is vegan or vegetarian or flexitarians with no high quality and affordable alternative products available

The Veggletto® technology provides consumers, food service and industry with significant benefits:

  • natural great tasting vegetarian food preparations
  • has most of the performance and functional properties of natural eggs
  • supplied in a convenient omelette dry mix, chilled liquid or frozen preparations
  • is totally cholesterol-free, egg-free
  • is lower in fat than natural eggs
  • the contained fat is vegetable based and mostly polyunsaturated
  • plus excellent protein value and essential amino acid profile.

Innovation and Convenience

  • These shelf-stable powder mixes are instantly dispersible in water and then ready for use in the normal way
  • Chilled retail preparations for added for convenience in any kitchen
  • Veggletto® products are prepared from natural, readily available vegetarian raw materials and contain no artificial preservatives or colours
  • The nutritional quality of Veggletto® Omelette is very high
  • The contained protein is of a quality substantially equivalent to normal egg protein with excellent essential amino acid profile
  • Veggletto® products also contains natural vitamin E, lecithin and other useful vitamins, minerals and nutrients to match real eggs.

For the Marketer

  • Consumer market: total egg-replacer for omelettes, scramble, white and yolks, custards, egg bakery applications, pasta, drinks, stir fries, chilled liquid packs or dry mix packs.
  • Food Service: hospitals, restaurants, cafeterias, armed services
  • Industrial: ingredients for shelf-stable dry mixes, use in cakes, snack bars, ready-made desserts, ice creams, pasta, all breads, brioche and pastry, batters and breading systems, sauces and mayonnaises, dressings…
  • Egg-free, yeast-free, gluten-free, low in fat, high protein and high quality essential amino acids and safer in use
  • IP Protection (patent applied) and Technology available for exclusive licensing.

For the Manufacturer

  • Suits a dry mix bakery company with TVC-specified unit operations
  • Economical and cost savings built into the technology
  • Uses readily available unit operations, equipment and strategic ingredients
  • Efficient processing methods and improved distribution logistics
  • Long ambient shelf-life, liquid refrigerated applications
  • Process allows easy addition of supplements if required
  • IP Protection and Technology available for exclusive licensing.

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